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Become a Certified Diversity Professional

Who can benefit from this program?

  • Are you the diversity resource professional in your organization, or aspire to be a diversity leader?
  • Do you want to produce high impact results with your diversity initiative?
  • Do you want to develop high impact diversity recruitment and retention programs?
  • Do you need to know how to align your team and get the leadership aboard ?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this certification program is for you .

DTUI diversity professional certification program offers the tools and techniques that make our graduates stand above the competition.


  • Experiential Learning
  • Cutting edge tools
  • Small groups
  • Practical
  • Knowledgeable and skillful facilitators
  • Information you can immediately use
  • Impact your organization's bottom line
  • Competitive tuition
  • Manuals for your toolkit
  • Administering and scoring the Organizational Inclusion Assessment Toolkit
  • Learn with other diversity professionals
  • Free Diversity Trainer & Professional Network membership
  • No cost t elephone coaching whenever you need it.


Level 1 & 2 -September 16-19, 2013, Embassy Suites, Washington, DC.

July 11 , 2013, VIRTUAL Diversity Recruitment Conference


“Have FUN and Get Your Creative Juices Flowing While Learning Diversity Professional Strategies That Transform People and Organizations…”


Dear Colleague,

Are you stretched and overwhelmed with trying to get your organization to the next level of diversity and inclusion?

Maybe you’re feeling stuck with your organization’s capacity to make more progress --you’ve tried your best but you’re not sure how to do a better job managing the resistance and just plain old lack of interest.

You know that your role and responsibilities are an asset to the organization, but you feel alone and unappreciated by the executive level. I know how disappointing this can be!

Are you tired of:


*Agonizing over coming up with the best strategy, trying to get it done all alone…
*Beating yourself up for falling short of onboarding people in your organization …
*Feeling stuck with practices and tools you’re unsure about


You Are Not Alone!
Hi, I’m Billy Vaughn, PhD CDP. I help human resource managers and executives get their organization to the next level, attract the best and the brightest talent, and position their company to be more competitive with my Certified Diversity Professional Seminar.

You don’t want to spend hours and hours in seminars and classes that don’t provide state-of-the-art strategies tools you need to get to the next level. If you’ve ever felt disappointed with the results of a diversity seminar or professional development course because it fell short of meeting your needs, you’re not alone.

That’s why I created
The High Impact Certified Diversity Professional Secrets of Success Seminar (CDP)

“Finally, the HIGH IMPACT Way to Unify Your Organization & Take It to The Next Level—While Getting Your Talents Appreciated”

This program is designed to immerse you in the art of high impact cultural competence education so that you come out with a hot, authentic toolkit and strategy ready to put in action as soon as you get back to the office.

In just 4 days you will:
•Discover the easy-to-follow strategy to boost the productivity of your organization
•Identify and retain the best talent
•Increase innovation
•Learn how to use differences to boost the productivity of your team
•Learn a proven model for managing resistance to your diversity initiative
•Boost your popularity as the in-house and external cultural diversity expert
•Get the most important parts of your strategy mapped out along with a group of like-minded professionals. In fact, bring as many team members as possible to work on your organization’s project during the seminar. You will leave on the same page and with a framework for moving forward quickly.
•Add more SIZZLE and authenticity to the initiative you design so everyone wants to come aboard.
•Learn to get the leadership’s attention so that they can see how your initiative impacts the organization’s bottom line
•Create a unique, MAGNETIC presence as a diversity professional so you stand out and get noticed
•Bust through your strategy blocks in a supportive community that brings out your hottest ideas
•Have FUN developing your strategic road map (imagine that!)
•Discover how YOU may be getting in your own way as the expert and how to clear the path to success
•Powerfully express your value with words you’re proud of
•Come away with clear, confident messages about you diversity and inclusion initiative to skyrocket the time to success


I know you’re concerned that people in your organization either do not see you as an expert or appreciate your expertise. You want them to see you as an expert without having to jump through hoops in doing so.

There are a number of certificate and certification programs out there offering credentials. The problem is that they offer credentials without providing you with a detailed, well-tested system needed to start moving your organization immediately or the techniques to get you to the finish line.

And you really don’t want to reinvent the wheel or use out-dated, unproven tools and techniques that will shortchange the amazing value you offer in your role.

That’s why we’re so excited to show you a powerful step-by-step strategy. Our training program includes:
1. A proven strategy that creates more diverse and inclusive organizations
2. A clear diversity and inclusion model that INSPIRES your executive to say YES let’s get it done right away





Have FUN and Get Your Creative Juices Flowing While Learning Diversity Professional Strategies That Transform People and Organizations…


 “How I created a STRATEGIC DIVERSITY & INCLUSION STRATEGY that leaves the competition scratching their heads...”

Following my passion, me and my team have grown a thriving training company and skyrocketed to serve some of the most successful organizations in just 3 years. I've helped nearly 300 amazing human resource and cultural diversity professionals through our certification programs, seminars and products.

The best part is, I feel rejuvenated at the end of training sessions. I’m doing what I love at the next level, and my heart is in it more than ever.

I have the privilege of receiving excellent performance evaluations training after training, especially after incorporating the strategies that you will learn in the course…

But it wasn’t always this way…

“When I first started in the diversity training business...”
I met considerable resistance in the audience. In fact, I was teaching a cultural diversity course at a university that all students were required to complete it in the first two years of their education—in other words, it was mandatory. Anyone who has been in the cultural diversity business even for a short period of time will have sympathy for me. Mandatory diversity training can bring out the worst in people.

The university committee that conducts an annual performance review of each professor showed no mercy. It was made clear that getting my classroom performance ratings higher was mandatory for retention and certainly promotion.

I refused to undermine the participants’ education by watering down my course just to get better evaluations, but I did not want things to continue as they were. The stress caused me to suffer from hemorrhoids and prostate problems. My doctor put me on medications, which I really hated to take.

Think I was ready to make some changes?—I certainly was.
I realized my livelihood and health were dependent on my finding a solution to address the challenges I faced in the classroom.

“Deep inside I knew I what I was trying to get across in my teaching would benefit the students in the real world, and I wanted to prepare them in a more profound way by engaging them in critical thinking about cultural diversity.”
So I began to research a better, BIGGER, more effective way to get even the most resistant participant engaged in the course. The big “A-HA” moment came after realizing that the assumptions I made about cultural diversity and what people needed to know to be more inclusive needed transforming.
This new idea was a bit uncomfortable…but intriguing.



Shortly afterwards, I created the foundation for creating a classroom in which participants could openly share their values and beliefs in a safe, learning centered classroom.


One of the biggest unanticipated challenges I encountered once participants felt safe was the out pouring of emotions while discussing cultural diversity topics. People would share their honest thoughts about controversial subjects like same sex marriage, affirmative action, and religious beliefs. I was unprepared for managing it—especially when other students would object by asserting their different beliefs and values.

I took on this challenge and over time I developed my cultural diversity teaching expertise and have had numerous papers published on the topic of managing emotions in cultural diversity training.

Suddenly the participants were enjoying the course and my teaching evaluations got a whole lot better...”

“And my health was restored. I no longer suffer from hemorrhoids or prostate problems and I am medication free...”


I just finished a session with a team in Accounts Management, we employed the ground rules and the LLEL at the start; it helped open up discussion of the issues we are addressing and will carry this group forward into "healing."  The team had some issues revolving around insensitive and disparaging remarks that resulted in an EEO complaint. I immediately employed the concepts I learned in working with this group to focus on the issues in order to meet the mission of the IRS. 

The operations and department managers were present and were very impressed with the focus of the presentation

Chris Butler
EEO Specialist/Internal Revenue Service

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Within a few years, organizations started requesting training and consulting services from me. It did not take me long to realize that the same relationship building techniques used in training were necessary to be an effective consultant.

 “At The High Impact Certified Diversity Professional Secrets of Success Seminar, I reveal the strategies that helped me become one of the most sought after professionals in the diversity business …”


Here is a taste of what you will get:



Join me and a group of dedicated diversity professionals for this inspiring, enlivening experience that will transform your way of promoting diversity and inclusion in your organization. You’ll discover proven strategies to onboard the most resistant members of your organization whether they are on the leadership team or on the ground floor.

You’ll also learn how to design, develop, and implement high impact diversity initiative strategies that have been proven effective and the tools for getting measureable results.

This is a valuable opportunity to learn together with some of the best and brightest peers in your work, while I offer you my knowledge, skills, and experience from decades of experience so that you can avoid the pitfalls I had to endure…


As the former Mayor of one of the nation’s top 100 cities and located in the Midwest I have been very much aware of the changing demographics in this country. ...One of the challenges I faced as Mayor was how to make our city more attractive to minorities, how do we make them feel included. I wish I had known Billy while I was in office.

Having experienced Billy Vaughn's DTUI training has led to personal growth as well as a much better understanding of what it takes to be culturally competent. Billy touches you intellectually as well as emotionally. His teaching skills are superior and his training materials provide you with the knowledge base needed to succeed in the dynamic field of diversity consulting and training.

Since attending DTUI, I have doubled the number of trainings I was doing, and I am able to increase my fees, with employers happy to pay the new charges. My evaluation scores by my clients are consistently high with great comments regarding the material and presentation.
Billy, I thank you and most of all my clients thank you. Now I am able to provide them with what they need to become an inclusive organization that values and seeks out diversity as part of their business strategy.

Preston Daniels, Diversity Trainer & former Des Moines, Iowa mayor

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 “Here are the 7 Most Important Strategies You Need for a High Impact Cultural Diversity Initiative That the People in Your Organization Will Value Right Away…”

1. How to onboard the executive leadership team
2. How to align your team and the executive leadership with the initiative
3. Graphically show the linkages among your organization’s mission and vision, productivity, and cultural competence
3. How to use the DTUI.com diversity scorecard technique to show the Return on Investment (ROI) for providing the resources needed to make the initiative successful.
4. How to use an assessment approach that pinpoints the organization’s current stage of inclusion and the corresponding cultural competence gaps
5. How to develop a high impact diversity education program to close the identified cultural competence gaps
6. How to launch and sustain a successful diversity education program
7. How to make certain that the diversity initiative impacts the entire organization

 “You’re going to learn all of this and more in The High Impact Certified Diversity Professional Secrets of Success Seminar!

Before & After The Certified Diversity Professional Secrets of Success Seminar
Case Study 1 – Before:
Derrick (not his real name) works in student services for a small private university in the Midwest. He is enthusiastic about cultural diversity. He is given more cultural diversity leadership on the campus and quickly realizes that he did not know enough about how to do the work and there were no mentors on campus.

He discovers the DTUI.com CDP program and his university pays for him to attend. He admits that he is overwhelmed by the work because there is so much to know and he does not have enough background knowledge. Derrick works very hard to learn as much as he can during the training program.

Case Study 1 – After:
Upon return to work, he uses the 305 page resource manual that came with the seminar registration to help him step by step. He also calls me up on occasion to ask for advice or to see if he is on the right track. I noticed his enthusiasm and understanding the value of copying someone who is successful, so I gave him everything I had in these conversations.

Derrick uses the coaching and what he learned during the seminar to help the leadership in his organization see value in conducting an organization assessment, which is no small accomplishment in this work. Derrick understood the value of getting good data and used what he learned about on-boarding the leadership to implement an organization wide assessment. He is then invited to become part of the president’s executive team.

Cast Study 2 - Before:
Grietje (Not her real name) traveled all the way from The Netherlands to complete the CDP program. It is not unusual to meet people of different countries in the seminar. What makes Grietje unique is that she was already a successful in-house diversity professional with a lot of great ideas and resources in her toolkit.

Her goal was to create more workplace value for women in Europe as an independent consultant. So, she was getting certified and augmenting her skills to work for herself.

Case Study 2 - After:
One of the biggest challenges for Grietje was that she saw the work through the lenses of helping underserved and underappreciated women. She stated at the end of the program that she realized the need to consider multiple points of view among the audiences she will be serving is vital to her success. She thanked me for helping her figure out a way to maintain her commitment to women while opening up to the views of other groups—especially males—to increase her success.

Case Study 3 – Before
Clara (Not her real name) was an accomplished manager for a well-established telecommunication company. She attended the course to prepare for a small consulting practice she expected to have after retirement.

Case Study 3 – After
Clara successfully completed the certification program and started preparing for retirement. A position for diversity manager came up in her company and she decided to apply for it. The credentials made her competitive enough to get the job and the offered her an opportunity to use what she has learned within her company. She has put off retirement, but feels the experience is well worth it.

Special BONUS #1 ($1,495 value)

Full Access to the Online The High Impact Certified Diversity Professional Secrets of Success Seminar!

In this online program, you’ll receive access to a set of instructional videos you can use to review what is covered in the face-to-face course. There are 10 modules.

You can use the online program to refresh your memory, augment what you have learned, and have ready access to the formulas and ingredients for high impact cultural diversity initiative design, development and implementation.

The course includes 10 content-rich modules with instructional videos and a guidebook you download to use as you go through the modules. In fact, you can get started right away when you register for the live event.

You’ll also get to participate in my virtual, private group for program graduates. At any time of day or night, you can start discussions, join in, or just browse to learn from the discussions.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and year around continuous learning at your fingertips.

Special BONUS #2 ($49.00/Month Value)

You get access to Diversitypedia. This is a great just-in-time or continuous learning cultural diversity resource.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

All of the information on this page is a true and accurate representation of the results my clients and I have experienced with the systems I teach. This is not a done-for-you program, so you must participate fully and take action in order to learn, implement and see results. Your success depends on your commitment.

I promise to deliver high quality content and teach what I’ve learned from my research, experience consulting and training clients. I’m confident you will get HUGE value from this seminar. However, if you come and decide the training is not the right fit for you, then you may request a full refund (less a mere 20% reversal fee) up until the beginning of the 2nd day of the event.

"Sounds great! So how much is my investment?"

Cultural diversity leadership is increasingly becoming one of the MOST valuable expertise organizations seek even in a downward economy, and it will continue to pay off in your organization and for you personally, year after year. Organizational leaders understand that your competence is needed to identify, attract and retain the best and brightest in a demographically changing world. They are also committed to creating long term solutions to make their organization competitive. You’ll turn heads with your ability to think and talk about the organization’s needs.

That's why the registration fee is an investment to participate in quality certification programs and why you'll easily pay a talented cultural diversity consultant a hefty fee. I can easily ask a minimum of $7,500 per day for consulting and training and clients rarely blink an eye when I tell them my price. It is as though they expect it given my expertise.

I've invested a lot of time and money in developing what you will learn in the seminar – just the time to develop the toolkit was very consuming and the cost of my education, both in graduate school and continuous education far exceed what you will pay for The High Impact Certified Diversity Professional Secrets of Success Seminar. My education and the trial and error practice in actually doing the work were well worth the investment because they've helped me build a 6-figure income from my business and a lifestyle I love.

High impact diversity and inclusion leadership competence is one of the MOST valuable skills you'll learn, and it will continue to pay off for you and your organization, year after year. Every participant I've ever trained agrees. It's like being able to turn your ideas into action when you use the steps and communicate in just the way your organization can hear.

The power of credentials and the content of the education are commodities because trainers know it will increase their credibility and value in their organization. That's why certification programs often require high investments of time and registration fees, and why you'll easily pay $14,000 and more to complete the best of class trainings offered.

There are a few quality certification programs available – Our main competitors’ fees run from $8400.00 and $14,000.00.

The high end programs will require that you spend months of training.
Without discounting the importance of long term education, we believe that getting your credentials need not take that long. You have a wealth of experience that you are bringing to this work and that is worth something—And you are a continuous learner. You will continue to seek out new ideas and learning opportunities long after securing your credentials—so why wait months or years to get the credentials you need right now.

I designed and developed a doctoral program to train cultural diversity professionals, so I know a thing or two about quality education. The High Impact Certified Diversity Professional Secrets of Success Seminar provides you with what you need to get the job done. It is jammed packed with the practical knowledge and tools you need to be successful. The program started out as an 8-week program back in the late 1990s. Then we learned enough over years of experience learning about the participants’ needs to tailor it down to seven days. The four-day version we offer is recent, but it is the best package we have put together as of date in terms of a streamlined product that pays off big time for our graduates.

My vision is to help as many people become competent cultural diversity leaders because it will transform the profession and create organizations in which people feel more included regardless of cultural background. In this way, what each participant take away with them results in a ripple effect of transformation in the world. And I want these powerful skills in the hands of people who will do greater good with them.

I'd like to make it really easy for you to say YES to investing in yourself with The High Impact Certified Diversity Professional Secrets of Success Seminar. The tuition is $3490.00 and I'm giving a DEEP DISCOUNT to the next 30 people who register.

That brings your investment down to just $2790. As a bonus, you’re also getting full access to the Online Certified Diversity Professional Secrets of Success Seminar and the Managing Diversity book, worth more than $1500—absolutely free.


Here is the Summary of Registration Options





Beyond 90 Days

Within 31-90 Days
Within 30
Levels 1 & 2 4 Days   2990.00  
Bring 1 Colleague 4 Days $5180.00 $5180.00 $5180.00
Levels 1 & 2 4 Days 2590.00    
Levels 1 & 2 4 Days     3490.00
Call us
Level 1 OR 2 Only 2 Days $1595.00 $1595.00 $1595.00
Hybrid Format
Level 1 Online & Level 2 in Classroom Self Pace plus 2 Days $2590.00 $2590.00 $2590.00
Online Format        
Online Level 1-2 for 3 Colleagues Self Pace $2290.00 $2290.00
Level 1 Self Pace $995.00 $995.00
Level 2 Self Pace $995.00 $995.00
Levels 1&2 Self Pace $1800.00 $1800.00
Contact Us for Costs for Options Not Included




"I want to reward you for listening to your gut and taking decisive action to learn my system for changing organizations and your experience as a diversity professional."

What will you need to do in your organization to make this small investment payoff?


One graduate of my program was given the role of diversity resource person in her organization prior to taking the seminar. She had no idea what to do in the new role the CEO of her company asked her to take on. Her success as a salesperson and training other salespersons within the organization, along with her African American ethnicity, made her “ideal” for the role from the leadership’s perspective. Within three months of completing the certification training, she was given a $30,000.00 increase in annual pay and promotion to Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion. Suddenly she was in the C-suite. Now that’s impressive.

So if you're wondering if you can afford this course right now, ask yourself,
"Can I really afford not to?"
The truth is your diversity education and organizational change challenges aren't going to get any better unless you do something differently.

This program is your chance to learn new skills that have the potential to turn your organization around. I would LOVE to see you celebrate your accomplishments because you learned how to be a high impact diversity leader. So, will you join us?

~ No Risk Reservation Form Option #1~

"Yes! Billy, I’m ready to make more money in less time by registering for your course!"

By registering for The High Impact Certified Diversity Professional Secrets of Success Seminar, I know I will receive:
•4 transformational days learning how to design, develop, and implement High Impact Diversity Education programs
•See and participate in live step by step diversity initiative education
•Get a step-by-step guidebook to use as a resource


Conference Registration Options*





Special BONUSES:
• Access to the Online High Impact Certified Diversity Professional We Can Do This with Levels 1 & 2 online refresher course modules.
•I can get started right away with virtual course modules once I register for the seminar
CDP Seminar tuition: $3490.00       
Early Bird Discount only for the next 30 people who register $2990.00

~ No Risk Reservation Form Option #2~
"Yes! Billy, I want to come AND bring my friend!"
By registering for The High Impact Certified Diversity Professional Secrets of Success Seminar, my friend and I will receive:
•4 transformational days learning how to design, develop, and implement High Impact Diversity Education programs
•See and participate in live step by step diversity initiative education
•Get a step-by-step guidebook to use as a resource

Special BONUSES:
• Access to the Online The High Impact Certified Diversity Professional We Can Do This website membership.
•I can get started right away with virtual course modules once I register for the seminar
CDP Seminar tuition for 2: $2990.00 each   


~ Choose the online format by taking the Level 1 (contents cover the first two days of the face-to-face seminar) online or also take Level  2 (contents count for the last two days of the face-to-face course) at $990.00 each or $1800.00 for the package.    

~ Select the Early Bird Discount for $2590.00 each

You must register beyond 90 days of the course start date for this option. Bring a friend or team member and enjoy even greater fee reduction!
Rest easy – your order will be processed on secure servers.
You will receive an electronic receipt within a few minutes.
I’d Love to Billy, But That’s Too Expensive for My Budget
I know that some of you either don’t have an organization that will pay out of their budget or your budget is just too tight at this time. We offer alternative, less costly package.

Simply complete 10 modules in our online certification course successfully, including the quizzes, and attend the last two days of the four day face-to-face training and you still get your credentials. The total cost for this package is 2590.00 for each participant and $2290 for two or more in a group. We can even extend your payments over a 90 day period.

As you can see, we do all that we can to get you these valued credentials.


Conference Registration Options

Still Not Convinced!


One of the best compliments you can receive is from someone who writes an independent review of services and products similar to those you offer—And you come out on top. Well, this is just what I can brag about. The article is by a European diversity professional who was searching for the best diversity education certification program to attend.
The article compares the top certification and certificate programs available. The author says that DTUI.com’s certification program is the best in class in terms of quality of the training, content, and pricing.

It was a pleasant surprise to run across the article on line. I encouraged Diversity Officer Magazine to reprint it.
To read the full article, follow this link. http://diversityofficermagazine.com/selecting-a-diversity-professional-credentialing-program/


Conference Registration Options


website security
Any Questions?
I welcome your calls or emails. Just let me know how I can help you reach a clear decision. There's no pressure to enroll.


PLEASE CONTACT ME if you're considering the writing retreat and need more information.

Billy at dtui.com (Replace the “at” with @ and no spaces between letters to send email)

(415) 692-0121

Get ready for more confidence, cash flow, and clarity…

This event is going to be truly transformational. Your experience will help prepare you for a hugely successful 2012 & 2013 – so you can leverage what you learn to move your organization and get more pleasure out of doing the work—isn’t’ that what you’ve been dreaming about? I am SO excited to see The High Impact Certified Diversity Professional Secrets of Success Seminar!


Text Box:


Chief Learning Officer


Conference Registration Options


First, thank you.  Thank you very much for the information that you've provided.  It has been very helpful.

Second, from time to time, I contract with agencies to conduct Workplace Diversity-related Training.  I can't tell you how often I've used your information to develop curriculum and or share the information with trainees.  But, it has been used a lot.

Third, you know it is extremely vital and of the upmost importance to share diversity information accurately.  Those of us with this purpose must commit to this if we want to: (1) dispel myths, (2) help people enjoy and appreciation "differences" and grow, (3) help others embrace and nurture their own differences, and (4) correct inaccurate information so that others can realize the truths. 
Your information helps me to meet the goals I have related to these.

Fourth, I have trained or consulted with individuals from all walks of life, backgrounds and groups, your information has not been met with challenges. 
We have been able to use your information as a platform or foundation to explore the topic in depth.
And finally, I share your site information as a reference and "recommended reading" resource. 
The trainees always welcome this and express appreciation for it.

Sylvia, ViewPoints, Inc

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P.S. There are proven effective steps in delivering high impact diversity and inclusion initiatives. I reveal the juicy “how to” step by step strategy at The High Impact Certified Diversity Professional Secrets of Success Seminar.


Click here to join us!




Conference Registration Options


Organizations Served (Partial List): Costco, City of Buffalo, New York, W.W. Grainger, Inc., Central Inteligence Agency, European Central Bank, San Jose Evergreen Community Colleges, Saginaw University, CalPERS, 86 Lumber, Krene K.K. (Japan), Enterprise Restigouche (Canada), Canada Border Service Agency, United States Coast Guard, Chevron Nigeria, National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration


Have a question? Use this form to contact us or pick up the phone!


PLEASE CONTACT ME if you're considering the writing retreat and need more information.

Billy at dtui.com (Replace the “at” with @ and no spaces between letters to send email)

(415) 692-0121


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