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Hamlin Grange
Diversipro, Toronto

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How to Find an Expert Diversity Professional

How do you find an expert diversity professional, especially someone who is in close proximity of our organization? If you don't know the first thing about how to find or select a diversity professional, you are not alone.

Most of us turn to colleagues, friends, and sometimes the Yellow Pages in search of a professional. Colleagues and friends are great because you trust their judgment. The Yellow Pages are less ideal because the information is so limited. When time is of essence, many professionals increasingly turn to the internet in search of a diversity professional. This makes sense because the internet can offer considerable information needed to make a good quick decision. Given that DTUI is well positioned on most search engines, many of them seek us out to handle emergencies.

Now that you are here, you can use a few tips on selecting your diversity professional. In general, you will need to consider balancing expertise with budget and convenience. Ideally, you want the best professional possible, but that individual will likely not be located in the vicinity and comes with a top-of-the-line price tag. Price should never be considered the most important factor, however, given that the return on investment is usually considerable. But, the world is not ideal. When cost is important you will need to get the best person at the best price. The closer the professional is in proximity to the organization’s location, the less likely travel costs will be incurred. This is one reason that this Referral Network is so valuable. DTUI has gone a few steps further to offer you the best in your vicinity.

The first thing you need to know is what characteristics you should be looking for in a diversity professional. Consider using the following checklist

  • Does the person have an academic degree or diversity professional certification?
  • Does the person have experience consulting and training for an organization similar to yours?
  • Does the person have at least three references that offer positive testimonials?
  • Is the person knowledgeable about how organizations work?
  • Does the person have a strategy for identifying your organization’s needs and can articulate it to you?
  • Does the person understand your problem and have experience addressing it?
  • Does the person have good verbal and written communications skills?
  • Does the person convey an approach that is empathetic towards all groups within the organization?
  • Does the person collaborate well with your organization’s contact person?
  • Does the person provide an evaluation of their services even if your organization does not require one
  • The above checklist is not meant to be exhaustive. Its main purpose is to offer you a general list of things to consider in selecting a diversity professional.

    Now you are ready to find the best among the Diversity Professionals in the marketplace. DTUI has compiled the profiles of hundreds of trainers and consultants throughout the world who specialize in diversity workforce issues. Each profile contains the name, contact information, educational background and area of expertise of each member.

    It's an invaluable resource for managers, organizational development professionals, training personnel, human resource specialists, etc. who are seeking diversity trainers or consultants, that can help you save time and money.

    Need to know more? Contact us: Click Here.

    Please Read This Disclaimer First :
    DTUI provides this information as a courtesy to site visitors. We have carefully scrutinized members of these database for expertise and require them to follow our professional standards (Click Here to read our ethical standards). However, we cannot make definitive claims as to the veracity of the information members provide. The lists in the Job Bank & Referral Services are based on subscribers self report and merely designed to assist individuals and organizations in identifying trainers and consultants.

    Individuals and organizations using this database are urged to take the reasonable steps to verify the qualifications of any trainer or consultant listed in our database.

    By your utilizing the DTUI Diversity Trainer/Consultant Referral Database, you agree not to hold DTUI liable from any and all claims that may arise as a result of your using the information provided.

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