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You are about to learn the secrets of becoming a master human relations professional. Few resources exist that aim to develop your expertise as a diversity trainer, organizational consultant, diversity recruiter, organizational assessment, teacher, leader, etc. You don't have to move across the country or to another country to attend classes or leave your present job to develop this expertise. This site offers you valuable resources your fingertips. Many human relations experts will not tell you their secrets for fear that you compete with them.

I am sure you are wondering why DTUI is willing to reveal our secrets of success, if others are reluctant to do so. Well, frankly, it is because we know that there is plenty of work for everyone in the profession AND we want to make certain that those doing the work are doing a good job.

You see we believe that most human relations professionals, especially diversity trainers, are poorly trained and do poor work as a result. The harm they cause makes it more difficult to sell a service that is already a tough sell. Our customers deserve professionals who will make their experience rewarding.

The more rewarding it is to work with human relations professionals, the more we will be utilized. That is, the better the press, the more work,. . . the better the pay,. . . .the more satisfying the work is.

Perhaps it is time to let Billy Vaughn, of DTUI explain. Below is a personal letter written to clarify the situation:


San Francisco, California

3:15 P.M.

June 15, 2010

Dear fellow human relations enthusiast:

The website basically covers three aspects of human relations expertise: awareness, knowledge, and skills. It offers a range of educational materials, including state of the art literature, training tools, organizational assessment, developing workshops with a personal touch, managing group dynamics, consulting to management, to pricing your services.

It doesn't matter if you have not been involved in human relations work, you simply need more knowledge, or you are an expert, the information here is more than you can imagine getting.

You'll save time and money, avoid the mistakes most of us have made early in our careers, learn to manage challenging group dynamics, and learn about other secrets many wish they had access to. Here are a few things covered that will build your confidence, make you an asset, and establish you as an expert.


The need for people with diversity and inclusion expertise is on the increase. A survey reported in Employment Review (January, 1999) showed that 75% of Fortune 500 companies have a diversity program and another 8% is in the planning stage. A random sampling of smaller sized companies showed that at least half  of them had a diversity program or plan to have one. Today, the number companies jumping on the diversity bandwagon is astonishing. While many businesses are showing signs of weakness under hard economic times, they are also educated enough to appreciate the importance of continuing to promote diversity to compete in an increasingly complex marketplace.

Recently, a financially struggling K-Mart Stores sought to change its image to attract more Latino and African American customers. Latino music in the stores is part of the strategy, as well as increasing the number of items sold that these consumers are attracted to. Their marketing strategy will succeed only to the extent that the people behind it have adequate human relations knowledge and skills.

DTUI receives phone calls and messages from human resource professional, managers, and strategic change resource people daily. They are seeking out resources to help them do their job better. Those with the expertise stand out from the rest, whether they serve as consultants or as an in-house resource person. You can be one of them!

Here is a sample of the secrets you'll learn by surfing this site:

Avoiding the pitfalls of diversity training

How to identify training needs and objectives

How to identify training strategies and activities

What you must know to manage emotional responses to diversity

How to assess an organization's training needs.

Discover how to decide which tools to use in training

The hidden truth about why most diversity training is ineffective

My personal goal is to give you so much valuable information that you will keep returning to the site for continuous education. In fact, those of you who need Continuing Education (CE) credits to meeting licensing requirements (e.g., social workers, psychologists, counselors, etc.) will be able to receive credit for what you learn. We are proud of DTUI and know that you will receive the value needed for your human relations work.



Billy Vaughn, PhD



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